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Combining Big Data analysis, behavioural science and social media, it creates psychological profiles of every user.Everything people do on and offline, every search typed into Google, every purchase made with cards, buying and selling land, everywhere people go with their mobile phones leave digital traces that CA harvests.2.) The simple fact is, I date who approaches me– and big men rarely approach me.Most of the time, its big men who aren’t checking for a Plus Size Princess, but for some reason that seems to be okay with everyone.A week later we were walking across 23rd street holding hands.When we stopped at a red light, he tugged me until I was nestled against his side, his hand wrapped tightly around my waist he leaned down and kissed me behind the ear. ” Dating James was the first time I’d ever been called “little”.I was a hypocrite because I knew on our first date that I wasn’t interested in him, but I kept dating him for three weeks.I continued dating James because he was a big handsome man and he made me feel tiny.

CA swings elections by using data to change public behaviour.Digital footprints become real people with fears, hobbies, opinions, lifestyles, needs and residential addresses.Says psychologist and data scientist Michal Kosinski upon whose research CA’s campaigns are built: “Our smartphone is a vast psychological questionnaire that we are constantly filling out, both consciously and unconsciously.” Bereft of smartphones, India’s poor leave scant digital traces, but the youth and the urbanites are ripe for picking.We have come a long way from Mahatma Gandhi’s spinning wheel. “You’re such a cute little thing,” James said, as he draped his arms around me in line at the movies.


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